The Peace Pledge Union has a diverse membership with a wide range of ages and backgrounds and experiences. Some members are life long pacifists signing the peace pledge when they were still at school. Others are military veterans that have experienced war and gone on to reject it. 


This talk will help you better understand;

• What militarism is.

• The differing reasons for joining the military.

• What military training is like and what it is designed to do.

• What war is like. 

• The aftermath of a life of militarism.

• What is pacifism.


The Peace Pledge Union offers workshops designed for groups to ​think about alternative view points and ways of resolving conflict through pacifism and nonviolence. Workshops are a more group related hands on approach to learning and thinking. We will offer practical exercises 

Workshops will help you better understand;

• What militarism is.

• What is pacifism. 

• Who suffers in wars.

• Who benefits from war.

• Why people fight.

• Why people refuse to fight. 

• Campaigning skills For Challenging Militarism.