Anyone has the power to question and act against the rise of militarism in their university.

You may at times feel overwhelmed or powerless going against the flow of the tide. But be safe in the knowledge that you are in the right. Militarising society is a cleverly thought out and deliberate action by the state. How dose militarism work?




For war to occur the military, arms companies and the government need to be in a position to support it. In turn they need to have enough support from the general public to make this happen. 

The military, government and arms trade seek to influence the public through public institutions, public space, culture, media and EDUCATION. 

Since Britain's unpopular involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been a concerted effort made by the government and armed forces to promote the military and to make sure it has enough support to go to war.  -ForcesWatch

Social media is a brilliant tool that can give you a large voice to express your opinions. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc are all designed to voice your opinion, so why not use it? Don't sit and watch it happen.


 “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” - Leonardo da Vinci 

Below are a few ideas to take action against militarism.